Adobe Interview Experience | Summer Internship 2020

Round 1:

This was an online round. There were 3 coding questions and around12-13 logical reasoning and Aptitude questions. Coding questions were based on string manipulation and greedy algorithms and were very easy as far as I remember. It took me 20 minutes to solve those 3. Aptitude questions took a little more time relatively and it was based on matrices and probability mostly. Some questions about common algorithms were also asked. Overall, not a very hard test.

Round 2:

It was a telephonic Interview for about 40 minutes. The interviewer asked me about my interests and hobbies. He then started asking me questions based on my Resume. He asked me a lot of questions about all my projects and the extra online courses I have done. I wasn’t very confident about some parts of my projects and it reflected in my interview. He asked me a question about Smart Contracts because I mentioned blockchain in my Resume. Other questions he asked later were-

    1. Define a class that cannot be inherited multiple times and can be instantiated only once. ( I got confused between Singleton class and a Virtual class in C++)
    2. Make a tree-like structure where every level has i nodes where i is the level number and right link of the 1st node and left link of the 2nd node in a layer points to the same node. ( Mesh like structure) I was able to solve this with a little help from the interviewer.
    3. How would I implement a text file that has a stream of words and at any time it has to generate the topmost occurred word in the text. I suggested making a hash map for it.

With this, my interview was over. I was very nervous at the start and gained a little confidence by the end. I didn’t get the offer. Thanks for reading, hope this helped.

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