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Adobe Interview Experience | SHECODES-Software Engineer

Last Updated : 20 Aug, 2021
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Recently, I gave an interview for Adobe for the position of Software Engineer. Hiring was done underAdobe Shecodes Hiring 2020 Batch so as the name suggests only female candidates from the Circuit Branches were eligible. There were 6 rounds in total.

First Round -ONLINE TEST – (120 students) :

Section I: Aptitude and Logical Section

Number of Questions: 60

Time Duration: 60 min

Level of Difficulty: Medium-High

Type of Questions No. of  Questions
Quantitative 20
Logical and Reasoning 20
Verbal 20

Section II: Coding Section

Number of Questions: 2

Time Duration: 60 min

Level of Difficulty: Easy-Medium

Type of Questions:  String Manipulation and Tree-based Question.

Only 20 students were shortlisted for further rounds.

**The further mentioned rounds were held in ADOBE  Noida Campus.**


Second Round –PEN PAPER ROUND –(20 students*): It was a non-eliminatory round comprising of 3 sections with a total time of 30 minutes.

Section I: Technical MCQ’s

Number of Questions: 20

Level of Difficulty: Medium-High

Programming Output questions and questions from CN, DBMS, OS, and DS were asked.

Section II: Aptitude and Logical Section

Number of Questions: 10

Level of Difficulty: Easy

Section III: Coding Section

Number of Questions: 2

Level of Difficulty: Easy-Medium

Question 1:

Question 2:

*Candidates from other colleges were also there. 20 Students were shortlisted from my college.


The interview went for about 75-80 minutes. I was not able to answer almost all the answers correctly but gave almost 75% correct answers. The interviewer mainly focused on the problem-solving ability and the quality of conceptual knowledge. We were judged on 5 criteria in all the technical Interviews- DSA, Coding, Puzzles, Testing Questions and Operating system.

1: Basic Introductory Questions

2: 2-3 Puzzle Questions which we can easily find on

i: You have a birthday cake and have to cut it into 8 equal pieces by making 3 cuts only. How do you do it?

ii: You are standing before two doors. One of the paths leads to heaven and the other one leads to hell. There are two guardians, one by each door. You know one of them always tells the truth and the other always lies, but you don’t know who the honest one is and who the liar is.You can only ask one question to one of them in order to find the way to heaven. What is the question?

3: Some basic Questions on DSA- about stacks, queue, arrays, memory storage accessing, Advantages and Dis of the Linked list over arrays,

4: Operating System: In all the rounds, Operating System questions were asked in abundance. Though the questions were basic, they focused more on our concepts like how easily we were able to explain it to them.

Questions on Kernels, Types of Kernel, Why OS, memory allocation in OS were asked.

5: Test Cases Question: We have to think and answer the possible questions while testing the cases.

i: Test cases for a login page window.

6: Heavy discussions on the projects I have done. Why we preferred to use a particular technology. What was my role in the project and so on.

7: I was asked to code some questions.




After a wait of about 15 minutes, I was called for my second round of Interview.



This round of interview was taken by a senior person of the company. It was a bit lengthy as we had more of a discussion rather than just a QnA round. The interview went for more than 90 minutes and was tougher than the first round.

1: There was a long discussion on what I have written in my resume. The projects I had done, Extracurricular and co-curricular activities I had written on the resume, the skills I have mentioned. All of it. So be careful of whatever you mention in the resume.

2: Next he asked me a bunch of coding questions which were some very popular ones


ii: Implementation of Merge Sort

iii: Implementing Queue using stacks and Stack using queues.


I was asked to code in my preferred language. So there wasn’t any language barrier and for all the questions the interviewer asked for the most optimized approach.

As I was able to answer all the questions, I wasn’t asked any more questions.

3: After the coding questions, I was asked a lot of questions about Operation System and OOPS.

i:   Fragmentation- Internal and External

ii:  Concepts of Kernel

iii:  File Management

iv:  Virtual functions and Friend Functions

v:  Function Overloading And Overriding

vi: What is paging and Demand Paging?

4: Interview puzzles:

i: The mislabeled Jar puzzle

ii: Maximize probability of White Ball

iii:  100 Prisoners with Red/Black Hats

5:  Testing Based Questions-

i: Five new inventions in a glass frame and the test cases to test the working a frame.

ii: Design test cases for a shopping application.

The interviewer was quite satisfied with the test cases I answered. As the main trick to solve these kinds of interview questions is to design the test cases by giving every small function an eye and then forming all possible scenarios for the same.




This was also similar to the last two Technical Interviews and was also easier from them. The interview went for about 70 minutes and It was tilted more towards the managerial side and less Technical was asked.

1: Program to Count set bits in an integer. (I answered 4 possible solutions to him and he was satisfied)

2: Working of Bubble Sort and Insertion Sort ( I was asked to dry run the solution mainly to check the internal working of swapping and comparison)

3: Torch and Bridge

4:  Some Mathematical Puzzles

5: Design test cases for OLA Application

6: Design test cases for GMAIL Application

7: Situation based questions

8: What is a Semaphore and operations on a semaphore?

9: What is context switching?


Sixth Round – HR INTERVIEW

It was the last round and an eliminatory round as well.  The interviewer was pretty cool. After the introduction, I was asked questions like where are you from? What is special about you?  Why should we select you? Which was your favorite subject last semester? Which Adobe products you liked the most and why?

It was a 20 minutes long discussion round about college life, interests, and hobbies. The HR also asked our preferred joining location between Noida and Bangalore which gave us many hopes of our selection.

Three candidates from our college went to the HR Round. Two days later we received the confirmation mail that two students are selected.


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