Adobe Interview Experience | Set 54 (For Internship)

Round 1:

The contest was held at hackerrank. Top 20 girls were selected for intern/fte interview through Adobe Codiva.

Round 2:

This was a telephonic round. The interviewer asked about my projects in detail.

  1. Then he gave me a puzzle- In an nxm matrix, if one starts from (0,0) then how many ways are there to reach (n-1,m-1). I was able to tell the correct solution.
  2. Next, he gave me a coding problem to print all possible permutations of a string in my preferred language. I coded in c++.
  3. Another was to check whether a binary tree is balanced or not.
  4. Final coding question was to print a matrix in spiral form.
  5. Towards the end of interview, he asked me OOPs concepts – polymorphism , OS concepts (Threads).

After a week I got a mail that I was selected 🙂


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