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Adobe Interview Experience | Set 53 (For MTS-2)

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Online Written Test on HackerRank – 75 mins (15 Apti, 5 C++ ,2 Coding)
Round 1

  1. WAP to Check if there is an intersecting node in 2 linked lists
  2. What is .dll ?how it is loaded? Why dynamic linking not static linking
  3. Difference between semaphore and mutex?
  4. Why is cache needed? What happens when we watch the video? Who allocates memory to process?
  5. Virtual functions,
    function overloading
  6. Write a macro for swapping two variables
  7. WAP for chocolate and wrapper puzzle
  1. Why is Virtual destructor needed?Can there be a static virtual function?
  2. Difference between typedef and macro?
  3. Internal implementation of priority queue.


Round 2

  1. How to find k frequent words in a file
  2. WAP to Delete a string in trie, various use cases?
  3. WAP to Find lca of a tree?
  4. Wap to Make the largest number out of array elements given.
  5. Design book my show.

Round 3 (managerial)

  1. Find a loop in linked list, only approach
  2. Sort an array larger than RAM
  3. WAP Merge Sort
  4. WAP BFS based question(don’t remember)
  5. Diff. between TCP and UDP
  6. How lan works
  7. How socket works
  8. Diff. between process and threads

Round 4 (director)

  1. Why didn’t sit for Adobe in college placements?
  2. How the earlier interviews went?
  3. What have you learned in these 3 yrs professionally?
  4. Why you left the job? What was the hurry?
  5. What are your aspirations?
  6. Explain your college project.
  7. What kind of work should be given?
  8. Any particular preference for any language
  9. What is Dynamic programming? Examples where DP is used?
  10. Given a length l , find the angle or dimensions of the 4 sided quad. formed having max area, this quad is not a square.

Round 5 (managerial)


  1. Brief Introduction
  2. Asked to explain 1 company project. What would you do differently?
  3. Difference between monolithic and microservices. How to convert monolithic architecture into microservice
  4. Program to Rearrange characters such that no two characters are same

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Last Updated : 10 Jan, 2019
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