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Adobe Interview Experience | Set 48 (On-Campus)

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  • Difficulty Level : Medium
  • Last Updated : 10 Jan, 2019
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Coding Round:

  1. A variation of Knapsack
  2. Easy string manipulation problem
  3. A brute-force based string matching problem

Technical Round 1:

  1. Finding the length of a Linked-List with a cycle.
  2. Difference between a stack and a heap with respect to Virtual Memory
  3. Given a cube in 3D space with integer dimensions, print all the lattice points on the surface of the cube.

Technical Round 2:

  1. Print Pyramid of 1’s with given height.
  2. Allocate 2D arrays in C with both dimensions accepted as input.
  3. Can C programs without main() function exist? (Object Files, Shared and Static Libraries, and how to create them using GCC)
  4. What is a graph traversal?
  5. Print all nodes with shortest distance k from a given root node in a graph.
  6. How does Breadth-first Search work?

Technical Round 3:

  1. Create a queue from a 2 stacks
  2. Print Fibonacci sequence in order using only recursion and no extra space.
  3. Create a function to match a simple regex.

HR Round:

  1. Why want to join Adobe?
  2. What is the team preference?
  3. What are your shortcomings?
  4. Given a table of data, where each row determines a metric, convert it to a single column of data where the new data item indicates the metric with reasonable accuracy (Principal Component Analysis)
  5. Having a research background, why want to join a software company?
  6. Details about college events

If you don’t like the team you are assigned to, how will you tackle this?

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