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Adobe Interview Experience | Set 46 (For Internship)

Last Updated : 06 Jul, 2020
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The interviewer first asked me to tell something about myself. Then he asked my favorite subjects

  1. what are virtual functions in C++? how are calls to virtual functions resolved at runtime?
  2. what is the need for virtual destructors?
  3. if there are virtual destructors then why there are no virtual constructors?
  4. there are n mountains. you are given a 1d array A where A[i] represents the height of mountain i+1. How will you find a valley in that array.( A valley is a value in an array which is smaller than both its left and right neighbors ).
    Ans 4 this question is similar to finding peak element in an array, given on geeks for geeks
  5. he asked me the famous puzzle in which there are 1000 identical bottles. one of them contains poison. A person after drinking the poison dies after 24 hours. You have to identify the poisonous bottle in 1 day. minimum no of the prisoners needed to find the poisonous bottle.
    ans 10( 1000 can be represented in binary using 10 bits .)

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