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Adobe Interview Experience | Set 39 (1.5 Years Experienced)

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  • Difficulty Level : Hard
  • Last Updated : 02 Aug, 2016
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Test Procedure: (Prior to interview date)
1. Online Written test.
Time: 1:30 hrs
Questions: 25(5- coding, 20- MCQ)

MCQs were aptitude, Operating systems and output questions
Coding were simple array manipulation.

2. F2F Interview(1 hrs) (Bangalore)

Q1: Find the diameter of the of binary tree with least complexity(O(n)).
Q2: Convert a binary search tree to balanced binary search tree(with and without rotation)

3. F2F Interview(1:30 hrs) (Bangalore)

Q1: Intro and explain project
Q2: Assume, there are millions of line in a file. Print the last K lines from that file.
Q3: Coin change problem(Normal solution and dynamic programming solution)
Q4: OS concepts- Virtual memory and Paging
Q5: Print Tree in the veritical form
Q6: One pointer manipulation question in Linked list (forgot exact question :)).
Q7: Tell me about the design patterns that youhave used for your project. Explain their application.

4. F2F(video conferencing from Noida) Interview(1 hrs)

Q1: Intro and explain project
Q2: Difference between 32 bit and 64 bit OS
Q3: Explain the scenarios when C++ program might crash.
Q4: Optimize Linear search in an array for least number of comparison.
Q5: One more programming question regarding array. Can’t remember 🙁

5. Director’s interview: (Bangalore)

Q1: Intro and explain project
Q2: What you learned from your last project?
Q3: What will you avoid if you have to do it again.
Q4: How do you manage to succeed in It industry in spite of being from Electronics background
Q5: You have 4 byte integer. WAP to return the number of set bits in O(1) complexity. You could use some space if u need
Q6: Current offers and concerns regarding salary and job location.

I’d like to thank GeeksforGeeks for helping me during my interview preparations. Hope this helps. Please comment if any clarification is needed.

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