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Adobe Interview Experience | Set 38 (4.6 Years Experienced)

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  • Difficulty Level : Hard
  • Last Updated : 14 May, 2017
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Round 1:
Q1. Implement memcpy function. How do you make compiler to give warning if user passes nomberOfBytes less then equal to zero.
Q2. Write code to multiply two matrix.
Q3. What is SIMD?
Q4. What are different IPCs mechanisam.
Q5. Find least common ancestor for N-ary tree, given pointer of two nodes. tree structure has parent pointer too.
Q6. what are the principles of Dynamic programming.

Round 2:
Q1. Design like/unlike feature of facebook, when some one uploads a photo.
How do u notify to users who have already liked the photo.(Observer pattern)
10 million users like the photo at the same time, how do you handle such scenario.
Solution:(duplicate the photo instance in multiple servers based on load balance and do parallel reduction technique to do like++(lock like in each server) for each server and then broadcast the number of l ikes to other servers )
Q2. Write code for inorder traversal of a tree. Recursive and iterative using stack.
Q3. Given a matrix of size nxn, how many ways are there to go from 0,0 to n-1,n-1. Both recursive and DP based solution.
Q4. Given a matrix of sise nxn and filled with 0s and 1s. you cant step into cell with zero. what is the shortest path to go from 0,0 to n-1,n-1. Both recursive and DP based solution.

Round 3: (Director Round)
Q1. Why do we need copy constructor?
Q2. Write method signature for copy constructor.
Q3. Write method signature for operator overloading.
Q4. Implement a stack which supports push and pop function. Write production level code.
some question related to work and behavioral questions.

Round 4:
Q1.There are two players A & B.
Pots of gold are arranged in a line, each containing some gold coins (the player can see how many gold coins are there in each gold pot – perfect information). They get alternating turns in which the player can pick a pot from one of the ends of the line. The winner is the player which has highest number of gold coins at the end.
The objective is to maximize the number of gold coins collected by A, assuming B also plays optimally. A starts the game. You need to tell the final state of both the player.
Q2. Can we do array[i]=i++;

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