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Adobe Interview Experience | Set 31

  • Difficulty Level : Easy
  • Last Updated : 10 Nov, 2015

I was interviewed by Adobe at hyderbad following is the experience

F2F Round 1:-
1. What is MVC in angularjs ?(Angularjs was mentioned on my Resume so he asked me)

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2. Write programme to find first repeating element in an array
sol :-


4. Given a node in directory structure(folder). Print all the sub node of the folder with its path. Structure of node is

	struct Directory
                // true if given node is directory or ot
		bool isDirectory;

		List * child;
		Sting nameOfNode;

F2F round 2:-
1. In UI given a dropdown with name of employee and a entry as “all”
   on clicking any entry it should show details about that employee
   on selecting all it should show detail of all employee

   He asked me to write sql query for it

   Ans : select * from emp_table where emp_name=selected_emp or selected_emp=all;

2. He asked me to implement “AND” (if input is bool1 and bool2 return (bool1 && bool2) ) gate and “NOT”( if input is A return !A ) using abstract class GATE.
Then he asked me to implement child class “NAND” using “AND” and “NOT” as parent(base) class

3. Asked me to search a word (string) cross word

4. Give an array of integer find all repeated element (non uniq) in it.

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