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Adobe Interview Experience | Set 18 (For WBT Profile)

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  • Difficulty Level : Expert
  • Last Updated : 23 May, 2019
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Following is my Interview experience in Adobe Bangalore for the profile of White Box Test Engineer.

  • Written Round
    There were two parts technical and aptitude

    1. Aptitude questions(MCQ) were fairly easy, simple mathematical, geometrical problems, profit and loss etc Also Logical questions with paragraph..(R.S. Aggarwal is enough)
    2. 30 Technical questions (MCQ) related to C and C++, 2 programming questions(String permutation and Reversing linked list), one question about two-phase commit protocol and the difference between hub and switch

    After 30 days of the long wait, I got a call that I have been shortlisted for the Further rounds.

  • F-2-F Round 1:

    Starts with Brief introduction.

    1. Questions related to my previous company work, the meaning of Unit testing, Integration Testing, Which Software Model is used etc.
    2. Test Cases of Mobile for the rural area for hardware as well as software point of view. Long discussion on this.
    3. Design a clock in which if you want to know about time in any region of this world, you can know.Hardware given is such that it has already built a calculation device inside it. Long Discussion on various approaches.
    4. famous Puzzles a) Measuring 4-liter water from 3 and 5-liter. b) 3 bulbs 3 switches, here is the link

    After this Next 2 rounds are video conferencing(V.C.) rounds as Hiring was for Noida campus.

    V.C. Round 2:(Hiring Manager Round)

    Starts with Brief introduction.

    1. Write a C/C++ function for removing extra spaces in a given sentence.
    2. Write various test cases for checking the functionality of Adobe reader while saving it. Long discussion on it.
    3. Find a 3 digit Number abc such that abc=a!+b!+c!. Ans is 145. He then asks me the approach to how I got it.

    After this, he briefly explains the Job profile in which I have to work if I got selected. He also asked about the testing methodology that I have been doing in my current company.

  • F-2-F Round 3 H.R.:

    After Hiring manager round, There was H.R. round. He was a really cool guy. He asked me about previous interviews about how it went. Then he asked me about my long term plans if i got selected, about my family, My qualifications etc.

    He also asked me about the CEO of adobe.

    V.C. Round 4:

    1. Write a C code for converting a string from a2b2c5 to aabbccccc. Then make it generalize. Various Test cases of it
    2. About testing tool that I used in my current company, Various functionality of It.
    3. Puzzle: There is a pond in which there is x kg ice on 1st November, it becomes 2x on 2nd November then 4x,8x,16x,32x and so on. Like this whole pond is filled with ice on last day i.e. 30th November. On which day pond was filled with half the ice?
    4. Puzzle: you have 100 coins on the table, 60 heads and 40 tails. With your eyes closed, how can you separate the coins into 2 groups such that each group has the same number of tails?
    5. Write a C function to convert array {1,3,5,7,2,4,6,8} to {1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8}.Then make it generalize. Various Test cases of it.

    Many C/C++ concept was discussed in this round like friend function, Inheritance etc.

  • F-2-F round 5:
    Starts with Brief introduction.

    1. About some commands in UNIX, use of wild card character etc. Then he asked me how you open notepad without using the mouse. (simple), then he explains the internal logic behind this like what will happen if you press ctrl+s,ctrl+o etc. After this He gave me an array of strings such that each string must have ‘$’ character, I have to write a C code to find whether there exist two strings having the same character just after $.(also simple).
    2. Difference object-oriented concept like function overloading. why C does not support function overloading as there is a concept of a variable number of arguments in C?, explain with an example.
    3. Different searching methods and its complexity, Hashing. How you search words in the dictionary?

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