Adobe Interview Experience | On-Campus for Internship

Adobe(Noida office) visited our college for hiring interns. Cut-off for appearing in the Online Coding test was 7 and above.

Round 1: 

First round was an online test.  It had 10 MCQs, 2 coding questions ans 1 essay type question for testing your technical knowledge and imagination.

MCQs were mainly from probability, geometry, number theory and time complexity(big-O notation).

For coding questions, only pseudo-code/algorithm was asked.

1st question:

2nd question:

Essay questions was: What is future of self-driving cars in india.

Round 2:

Second round was telephonic interview round. Around 30 people were selected for this. My interview lasted for 45 mins approximately. The interviewer was testing the basic knowledge of data structures, operating system and oops concepts. There were some questions from projects on my resume. Coding questions asked were:

He asked me if i know about trie data structure. I was not confident, so said no. Thus you need not lie if you don’t know something. Questions from OS were related to virtual memory, semaphores and locks. Questions from oops were mainly related to pointers like deleting a pointer, dangling pointers and memory leak.

Verdict: Selected 🙂

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