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Adobe Interview Experience for Technical Consultant Intern

Last Updated : 18 Apr, 2022
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I’ll be sharing my experience of interviewing with Adobe and the whole recruitment process. Ever since I started using Adobe Illustrator for designing as a college freshman, Adobe holds a special place in my heart, and visualizing myself working with them is a completely different experience. I was excited when Adobe came to my college to offer a summer position.
Adobe visited our college in November, for the role of Technical Consultant Intern through SheCodes (Only for Women). It was open to both CS and Circuit branches, with a minimum of 7 CGPA requirements and no backlogs allowed.

Round 1: Shortlisting as per eligibility criteria (1st week of December): The initial criteria for shortlisting was based on our present CGPA, and almost everyone qualified for the next round.

Round 2: Online test (1st week of December): The online test was conducted on the CoCubes platform. There were 4 sections to the test.

 Technical Test: Before the start of this round, we were given 5 different domains and needed to select one.

  • Java, Javascript, SQL + Coding
  • PHP, Javascript, SQL + Coding
  • DB, Python, Pyspark + Coding
  • HTML5, CSS3, Java, JS, REST API & JSON, REACT + Coding
  • HTML5, CSS3, Java, JS, REST API & JSON, AngularJS + Coding

It consisted of 30 Questions and the time limit for this section was 30 minutes. The questions were MCQ-style, and they were divided into further sections based on the domain you selected.

  • Coding Round: It consisted of 1 Question and the time limit for this section was 30 minutes.  My coding question was on ‘String Shortening’. Based on the type of question given below:
  • Written English Test: It consisted of 1 Question and the time limit for this section was 25 minutes. 
    As far as I recall, my question was about: How is the internet a boon in this virtual time, and we were required to write within a certain minimum and maximum word limit.
  • Gamified Assessment: It was divided into four subsections, with a time limit of approximately 40 minutes for the entire section. In this section, they mainly test our cognitive abilities like memory, and reactions and track behavioral data.

After this round, 13 students were selected for the further interview process and we were informed to submit our CV within a certain period, and it was considered a mandatory step. Adobe hosted a preparatory session to better prepare us for the interviews. The session gave us a better understanding of Adobe, the role, and the expectations from the interview.

  • Round 3: Interview (Mid-January): At the beginning of this round, the interviewer asked me to introduce myself. The interviewer was helpful and made the interview comfortable. She then asked about the tech stacks on which I had previously worked. After that, I tried to explain some of my projects using the STAR (Situation, Task, Action, Result) rule. We had a brief discussion about the project’s goal and how I completed the particular project. Then she began questioning me about the tech stack I had stated, including the following:
  • Scope of var, let, const keywords and the output of certain problems given at that particular time
  • Difference between == and === in JS
  • Hoisting, Currying, Temporal Dead Zone
  • Higher-Order Functions, Arrow functions, and Simple functions and the role of ‘this’ keyword for these different functions
  • setTimeout method and How setTimeout(0) works
  • Promises in JS and How I fetched the data through APIs in my projects
  • React Routers, Hooks, and Different types of hooks, and routers I had used
  • The difference between React State and Props
  • Virtual DOM, Functional and Class Components
  • HTTP and HTTPS

Finally, she asked if I had any questions, so I asked about the position and tasks related to this role, as well as the department in which she works. The interview was around 50 minutes long and was different for each domain. Some of my friends had to go through two rounds of interviews, and some of them were asked to write SQL queries and pseudo codes also.

In a nutshell, I felt that they were mostly concerned about how we think, present, communicate, and express our thoughts, as well as the knowledge of the domain we had chosen for the online test, CV, and the projects. After a few days, I received my selection mail and was offered a summer internship for 10 weeks at Adobe!

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