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Adobe Interview Experience for MTS-1 | 1.5 Years Experienced

Last Updated : 06 Jul, 2021
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Round 1[Technical]:

  1. Given two independent processes P1, P2. P1 creates an array of size say n. It now waits, and suppose P2 starts, if it knows the address location of array from P1, can it access this array and modify it? Ans: No, to modify there should be some IPC mechanism between them. Read about IPC mechanisms.
  2. Some discussion on virtual memory, locks, semaphores.
  3. How is resizing done in a vector in C++?
  4. Can we create as many threads as we want in our program? Why/ Why not? Is there any number recommended?
  5. Algo Question:

Round 2[Technical]:

  1. Zig – Zag tree traversal of a Binary tree. Time complexity, optimisation etc.
  2. Given two library versions of an executable: for example, “” and “” or “10” and “10.1”. Find out which one is more recent? Strings can be empty also.
  3. Synchronous and asynchronous threads.
  4. What is move() in C++?

Round 3[Managerial, Technical]:

  • Discussion on current work.
  • Given inorder and preorder traversal of a tree. Print the postorder of tree.
  • First gave approach to build the tree and then print post order, but then asked to do it without building the tree. Gave an approach.
  • Then asked to code it properly in editor. Struggled to form the recursive function here and I was unable to proceed.

Verdict: Rejected.

All the best everyone who will be sitting for the interview next 🙂

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