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Adobe Interview Experience (5+ years Experienced )

  • Difficulty Level : Medium
  • Last Updated : 14 Jan, 2020

Location: Noida

Round 1: Asked about current project design. explained in detail. After that few DS and also questions followed->

a)-> implement LRU caching technique (solved using DLL)

b)-> find k smallest numbers in coming stream of integers (solved using max heap)

c)-> detect loop in a linked list. solved it using standard tortoise-hair algorithm. One good variation he asked why are you moving your fast pointer by two and not three. This was a nice variation. I couldn’t tell. think on it?

Round 2: Second round consisted of 5 DS coding problems. In which I solved 3 correctly and one partially.

a)-> given an integer array, consisting of positive and negative values, find the contiguous subarray start and end indices which contain the max sum.

b)-> find median in a stream of running integers. (I struggled in this one)

c)-> print level order traversal of a tree with each level printing in a new line.

d)-> given some strings, find the order in which characters are appearing ->

e)-> reverse a linked list

eg. {“geeks”, “for”, “geeks”}

order of appearance -> g, e, k, s, f, o, r

Round 3: This round consisted of C++ questions:

explain virtual functions, explain volatile keyword, code iterator of a class, code singleton class, inheritance types, examples, explain copy constructor, explain semaphores, explain constructor initializer list

Round 4: 

a)-> reverse a linked list in sets of k elements

b)-> you have integers stored in 1 GB of disk space. and you have to sort it using 100 MB of RAM. how will you do it?

Round 5 : Some C++ related questions, related to process memory area, static variables, normal functions and virtual functions difference,

DS question : you have an infinite set of integers, how will search an element in it with minimum time-space complexity.

Hint : Binary search

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