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Adobe Interview Experience (5 Rounds)

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  • Difficulty Level : Medium
  • Last Updated : 26 Aug, 2021

Online Round(On Cocubes):- In this round there were an MCQ section(contained questions on aptitude and CS fundamentals) and a coding section( was pretty simple with just 3 basic level questions). 

Technical Round 1:- ? (at Noida) 
DS Questions:- First question was to write a code of finding an intersection point in the merged linked lists, first I gave the stack based approach then optimized with the hashtable based approach. 
Next question was to find the pairs of numbers which make a given sum in the given array , only the approach was asked, so initially I gave loop based approach then optimized it with a hashing. Just then he asked me to find triplets which could make a sum as zero. 
Then third question was to find the minimum length section of an array which could be sorted to make the whole array as sorted , this was a little bit tricky, but the interviewer was helpful in giving couple of hints. 

CS Fundamentals:- 
I mentioned in my introduction that I am proficient in Java so he asked me some basic questions like difference between abstract class and interface and questions like what is inheritance how it is useful . There were also some questions on OS. 

Technical Round 2:- 
He asked me the working of google maps, what is the algorithm behind that and how would I implement it and if I need to find out the nearby clinics then what is the best way to do that. Then he asked me difference between BFS and DFS which one is better for the above functionality. Then he asked me a random question that GPS would work without internet or not. Then I was asked to code random number generating function which does not generates a pregenerated number twice. Then a couple of questions related to my projects. 
Then he asked OS questions, like what is Thrashing and how to prevent it, if you are rich then would you buy a 500 gb ram, if no why?( my ans-No, as Searching in ram then will become a costly operation) then there were questions on Paging, TLB, Virtual memory, Logical address etc. 

Technical Round 3:- 
First he asked me about my projects(in detail this time), then he gave me a system design problem, to design a lift management system with multiple lifts and write the classes required tothe same, his main focus was on to find an algorithm to allocate lift so as to minimize the waiting time spent by a person.Firstly he asked me to find all the edge cases like if 2 lifts are equally far 
from a requesting floors then how will you allocate, so after a heavy discussion he asked me to write the code. 
Then some non-technical questions were asked like what would you change in your past in your education and why. 

HR Round:- 
It was just a 10 min round.He asked general questions about the college placements then if I already had any offer and its details.Then I asked him that whether freshers are hired for purely research work in Adobe and if not then what is the procedure to get there. 

Make sure you brush up your CS fundamentals(especially OS and the language in which you are proficient ). They watch you throughout the day, even if you are sitting outside the interview hall, so be aware of that. It is ok not to answer all the questions correctly, you might go wrong with some but don’t let that demoralize or demotivate you as you need to be energetic till the end. 

All the best!!

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