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Adobe Interview Experience | 4 Years Experienced

  • Last Updated : 11 Aug, 2021
Geek Week

Round 1(Technical Round): It is purely technical round. It consists of two problem-solving questions and some OS-related questions.

  3. Virtual Memory concepts
  4. Page Table and TLB concepts

Round 2(Technical Round): The interviewer is very friendly. We had a talk about 10-15 mins about projects and WFH concepts.

Then he moves to problem-solving.

I stuck in move constructors and copy constructors but was able to clear this round.

Round 3(Hiring Manager Round): She is a very nice person. We started with our introduction and what kind of project I did, and some WfH related questions.

Then she moved to the DSA.

  3. I already know this puzzle, I directly told them I know the solution, then she was very happy with my honesty and move to the next questions.
  4. Given a large database of strings and we have to find the frequency of each unique string.

    Approach 1: We can use HashMap to get the frequency and return the result. but it is not optimal in terms of space.

    Approcah 2: Trie Data-structure.

    She convinces my approach and data structure but she wants to improve the Trie creation time and how to handle multiple concurrent queries.

    I tell her about threading concepts with a locking mechanism to avoid concurrent writes and also I explain about HLD to optimize the calls using the Cache mechanism. She was convinced of my approach.

Round 4(Director Round): He is a very humble person, starts with introduction and project relation questions.

  • Why do you want to switch your company?
  • What are your strengths and weak points?
  • Where do you see yourself in the coming years?
  • Questions regarding projects.
  • Design a Twitter kind of system that detects any kind of hate txt, image, and video. As I have an AI background, I started with NLP and AI models. I think he is looking for some conventional method, but when I started discussing it, then he looks more interested in it, Then we had a lot of discussion on how we can train the model and inference then model, How we can classify and label the data and how we can get the max accuracy.
  • Then he asks about how do you update yourself on new technologies.

Thanks a lot, GeeksforGeeks for very helpful resources.

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