Adobe Interview Experience

Online Round: There were 8 questions in total. 5 MCQ, 2 Coding and 1 question was based on creativity. The MCQ’s were on heap, and probability. Finding the expectations and the running time complexities for heaps were the main focus of the MCQ’s.
In the coding questions, we had to write pseudocode, not actual C++ code.

  • There is a stream of incoming integers, how would you maintain its median using a minHeap and a MaxHeap.

Telephonic Interview: I introduced myself, and my projects. He asked me for some details of the projects that he found interesting. After this, he asked me algorithm questions.

  • What is the running time for insertion, deletion, extracting min from a MinHeap?
  • What is the running time for insertion, deletion and searching an element in a sorted array and the same for an unsorted array?
  • How would you determine if a coin is biased or not? Does the degree of biasing affect the number of experiments you have to perform?

    if the probability of heads is 0.6 in one case and 0.7 in another, then would you still perform the same number of experiments to decide if they are biased or different number of experiments.

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