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Adobe Internship Interview Experience 2020

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Adobe recently visited our campus for recruiting interns for Summer Internship 2020. There were two roles: Product Development intern and Media and Data Science Research Intern. 

Round 1(Online Coding and MCQ): We were given a set of 17 MCQs covering topics like Linear Algebra, Probability, Basic C and C++, Time Complexities, Operating Systems and Aptitude. 

  • 1 Coding question: An array is given who’s elements represent no. of people an umbrella can cover, and a certain number of people is provided; find the minimum number of umbrellas required to exactly cover the given people, else return -1. There were 12 test cases. I used DP based approach which cleared all of them. 
  • A similar problem can be found here. 
  • 1 Pseudo Code: We were asked to write pseudo code for spirally traversing a matrix. Problem can be found here
  • We were to write an essay on IoT which would consists of 250-500 words. 
  • I’d suggest to read up about IoT on the internet because this question was asked in multiple interviews across colleges. 

15 people were shortlisted to next round. 

Round 2(Telephonic Interview): A telephonic interview was conducted a week later. 

  • First off, the interviewer asked me to introduce myself and then he proceeded to ask which Programming Languages I was comfortable with. The interviewer was friendly and was ready to give suggestions whenever I got stuck. We discussed a project on my resume which was based on Intelligent bot. He posed a few tricky situations and asked me how my project would be able to deal with them. 
  • Later, He asked me which data structures I knew and started a discussion on stacks. Basic operations of stack were asked and a fairly simple coding question was asked. Given an array of 0s and 1s, I had to tell the number which occurs most no. of times in the array with using only a single stack and no other variable. I quickly told him my approach and proceeded to ask about queues. He asked about few real world applications of Stack. 
  • Then we had a small discussion on queues. He asked me where queues are used in OS. I told him about Process Scheduling. He asked my Process Scheduling was necessary and what are few Scheduling algorithms. He asked what was the best scheduling algorithm among them. 
  • Then he had given me a question which goes like “There is a 200 GB file which consists of only names. How would you store all the unique names in a separate file. The constraint on ram was 3GB and you could use any software as you please.” Basic OS, DB knowledge would suffice to answer this question. 


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Last Updated : 29 Nov, 2021
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