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Adding Customized Color Theme in PySimpleGUI

  • Last Updated : 05 Aug, 2020
Geek Week

PySimpleGUI allows users to choose Themes for its Theme list. Also, it allows users to specify and customize the Theme according to their choice. The User only should know the Color shades i.e the hex codes of the Colors. Accordingly, he/she can customize the Theme by new Colors.


import PySimpleGUI as sg
# Add your new theme colors and settings
sg.LOOK_AND_FEEL_TABLE['MyCreatedTheme'] = {'BACKGROUND': '# 000066',
                                        'TEXT': '# FFCC66',
                                        'INPUT': '# 339966',
                                        'TEXT_INPUT': '# 000000',
                                        'SCROLL': '# 99CC99',
                                        'BUTTON': ('# 003333', '# FFCC66'),
                                        'PROGRESS': ('# D1826B', '# CC8019'),
                                        'BORDER': 1, 'SLIDER_DEPTH': 0
# Switch to use your newly created theme
# Call a popup to show what the theme looks like
sg.popup_get_text('This how the MyNewTheme is created')      


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