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Add a User in Linux using Python Script

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Creating a user via command line in Linux is a tedious task. Every time someone joins your organization and you need to type a long Linux command rather than doing this you can create a python script that can ask for you the username and password and create that user for you. Examples:

Input : 
Enter Username : John
Password: ****

Output :
User successfully created with given credentials

Below is the Python code – 


# importing linrary
import os
import subprocess
import sys
import getpass
# add user function
def add_user():
     # Ask for the input
     username = input("Enter Username ")  
     # Asking for users password
     password = getpass.getpass()
         # executing useradd command using subprocess module['useradd', '-p', password, username ])     
         print(f"Failed to add user.")                    


 user add output 

After successfully creating the user type, use this command to get details of new user –

cat /etc/passwd


Last Updated : 03 Apr, 2023
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