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Add a Drop Cap in MS Word

  • Last Updated : 06 Jun, 2021

MS Word provides a special feature known as a drop cap. A drop cap is a large capital letter that presents at the beginning of a text block or a paragraph and has the depth of two or more lines of regular text. Or in another word, we can say that a  drop cap is the largest capital letter or a word(according to the user requirement) which is used as a decorative element at the beginning of a paragraph. Generally, the size of the drop cap is two or more lines, but you can also customize the size and spacing according to your needs.

Now let us discuss how to use drop cap step by step:

Step 1: Open MS Word and write a paragraph like as shown in the below image:

Now we use the drop cap option on the first letter of this paragraph, i.e., P.

Step 2: Click on the INSERT, then go to the Text section and click on the Drop Cap button. A list will display(like as shown in the below image). Now, this list contains four options:

  • None
  • Dropped
  • In margin
  • Drop Cap Options

Step 3: Select the Drop Cap option that you want:

  • To create a Drop Cap that fits within your paragraph, select “Dropped” option.

  • To create a Drop cap that is in the margin, outside of your paragraph, select “In Margin” option.

  • To remove the Drop Cap letter select the “None” option.

  • To customize the Drop Cap letter select Drop Cap Options. 

Here, you can change the line to drop and distance from the text of the Drop Cap.

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