Adcuratio Interview experience for Software Engineer Intern

There were two rounds of interviews. Both were technical.

Round-1 (Technical): There were two algorithmic questions asked in this interview, and we can implement the code in any language of our choice. 

  1. In the first question, we were given an array of integers in which any number can be repeated any number of times except one. We have to find the unique number.
  2. In the second question, we were given an array of integers. Each element in the array represents your maximum jump length at that position. Determine if you are able to reach the last index.

Round-2 (Technical): In this round the interviewer wanted me to write code in Python specifically because they use python in their projects.

  1. The first question was to find out whether a binary tree is symmetric. Just the approach would be fine.
  2. Given two arrays of size n and n+1. All the elements are similar except for the one. Find that number.
  3. Simple if-else math-based questions are implemented in python. 
  4. The brief workflow of the Django application.
  5. Difference between DROP and TRUNCATE command in SQL.

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