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Actual vs Target Chart in Excel

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Actual vs Target values are used to check whether the target value has been met or not. These types of charts are used in various organizations and companies where some type of target is to be achieved. Like these can be used to see whether actual sales value met the target sales values or not.

There are various ways to create actual VS target charts. The 2 ways that have been discussed here are by using clustered column chart and a stacked column chart.

First, let’s see how to make an actual VS target chart using clustered column chart.

By Stacked Column Chart:

Step 1: Make an information table containing the target and actual value.

Step 2: Now go to Insert and then chart and select stacked column chart.

Step 3: The following chart will appear. Now right-click on actual value and select Format data Series.

Step4- Following column will appear on right side of screen containing formatting options for target and actual values. since we have already selected actual values now select secondary axis.

Step 5: Following changes will be made. Color can be changed by right-clicking on any values either actual or target whose color you want to change and go to the fill option and select any color you like.

Step 6: Finally our Stacked column chart showing actual vs target values is ready. Further, by selecting actual and target value one by one and changing the gap width following type of result is obtained.


By Clustered Column Chart:

Step 1: Select the information, go to insert, then chart, and then select clustered column chart. Following chart will appear showing target and actual values separately.

Step 2: You can also change the color of your bars by your choice. Now right-click target bar and select Change Series Chart Type.

Step 3: Following dialog box will appear. Now go to chart type of Target and select Line with Markers.

Step 4: Now all the target values will be changed to the line. But we do not need lines we just need points.

Step 5: So to remove lines click on lines. Format Data Series will appear. Go to line option and select No line. Lines will be removed.

Step 6: Now instead of getting dots we want dash. For that go to Marker option in Format data Series, select Marker option there select built-in. In type select -(dash) and you can also increase the size of dash by your preference. So our Clustered Column chart is ready where dash shows target values and bars shows actual values.

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Last Updated : 24 May, 2021
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