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Acko Interview Experience | On-Campus Sept 2020

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Acko visited our campus for an SDET – Internship + PPO. They have shortlisted around 400 students to give an online Coding test at Hackerrank based on Resume.

The interview consists of 5 Round

Round 1 (Online Coding round – Hackerrank): Contains 3 Coding questions – Any Language

  1. Ways to sum to N using array elements with repetition allowed.
  2. Questions based on regular Expression in which we have to design a regular Expression for returning a true if in given string first character is the same as the last character. 
  3. Minimum number of Increment to make array strictly increasing or decreasing-

I managed to solve all 3 questions. 

After this only 12 Students make to Technical Interview

Round 2 (Technical Interview – Google Meet): First 15 to 20 min of Introduction and I explained my Projects in the dept. Then he directly moves to coding questions

He provided a plain text editor where I have to code.

  1. Merge K sorted array 
  2. Rotate a matrix to 90 degrees in anti-clockwise. I solved very quickly, and we have much time left then he asked me another question.
  3. Count the number of subarrays having exactly K distinct element in it 

He asked a few OOPS Concepts like

  1. What is polymorphism?
  2. What are virtual functions?
  3. Difference between OOPS and Procedural Programming?
  4. What is Inheritance?

After this, I asked a few questions to the interviewer and then round is over

Around 5 Student move to Round 2

Round 3 (Technical Discussion – Google Meet): She asked my Introduction, and we have an in-depth Project discussion.

  1. How will you check an HTML is valid or not and Code it also. I gave a stack Solution and I code it.

  2. After she asked a few SQL Questions – Provided me a dummy table.

    • Find the Largest Salary in the given table?
    • Find the Nth largest salary in a given table?
    • Select all details who have a name starting with ‘a’?
  3. Then she Moved to test Part

    How will you Test the Google page?- Complete including pagination, recommendation, website, Meta tags, Links.

    Discussed around 10 minute

  4. In the last one more coding question

    Given an array contains only binary values – group all 1 on the left side and 0 on the right side in a minimum number of swaps.

3 students Moved to the next round

Round 4 (Hiring Manager Round): The interview is mixed with technical and HR type Questions

Started my long Introduction and detailed project description based on machine learning. He asked me to show it live where it is deployed.

I have shown him in my Kaggle account -complete Notebook. He used to ask so many questions from it.

Moved to my 2nd project which is related to Web development, He asked 

What is an asynchronous function in JavaScript and How it works? Few more questions in JavaScript.

He seemed to be impressed by my achievement and my projects.

  1. He started asking HR type question
  2. What will you do when you have 1 crore?
  3. Tell me the difficult decision you have made and how you managed it?
  4. What are your strength and weakness?
  5. Where you will see yourself after 5 years?

And few more

He said I will have one more round where all interviewer will give me feedback.

Round 5 (Feedback Round): Didn’t go for me. After 4 days, I got a mail from HR that I am selected for SDET- Intern with 2 others.

Result: Selected

I would like to thank Geeksforgeeks and I practiced from here for the last 1 year. Initially, I practiced topic wise, later when I was confident enough I started practicing company-wise. Also, I made it a habit to read at least one interview experience from GeeksforGeeks daily.

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Last Updated : 09 Oct, 2020
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