Acko General Insurance Interview Experience

Round 1: This was an online coding round in our college. It contains 2 coding questions and 6-7 MCQs based on operating systems, data structures, and some other basic computer science topics. The test was around 90 minutes and those who were able to solve both coding questions completely are called for the next round of interviews. I don’t remember the exact coding questions but the first question was the simple stl(c++) implementation and the second question was a dynamic programming question.

Round 2: So, This was the technical interview held on Google meet. The interviewer asked me to share my screen and open the Visual Studio Code. After this, he introduced himself and asked me about my hobbies and how much you are active in competitive coding platforms. Then he came up with the coding questions: 

In total, he asked me 3 coding questions which I think were comparatively easy – medium-range questions.

Then after these coding questions, he asked some questions on the projects that I had done in my previous semesters. After all of this, he seems quite impressed with my answers and told me that he is forwarding me to the next round.

Round 3: This is also a Technical round which was taken by one of the hiring managers and this round was about 1.30 Hour long. First of all, he asked me about my projects and what were the approaches for solving the problem statements of the projects, Then he wants to see my competitive coding profiles. After this, he asked me to design a delivery system. He just wanted to know how I approach the problem statement. This was a discussion type rather than a direct one-to-one question type interview. I gave my best possible solution in 45 minutes and then he asked me about my academics. He asked some questions from the operating system and distributed systems. After that he told me about the various technology currently they are working on. He seems impressed and told me that he liked the way I approach the design question.

Round 4: So this was the final HR interview round. She told me about the company and what kind of talent they were searching for. Then he asked me about the challenges faced while doing group projects in the previous semesters, further she asked about my competitive coding profile, and then we discussed the projects. Finally, She seems quite impressive from the discussion and told me “Have a great day!!!”.

My advice: Stay confident in the interviews and answer all the questions slowly and clearly so that interviewer can easily understand your approach and please write valid things and projects you own……do not fake it. 

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