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ACI Worldwide Internship Interview Experience

  • Last Updated : 27 Jan, 2021

ACI Worldwide is a product based company in the financial sector that facilitates safe and secure payment.

This was the most interesting company I have interviewed for because they had extremely curated rounds and understanding interviewers.

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ACI Worldwide: 4 Rounds


The platform was techgig.

3 sections and 60 Minutes

Section 1:  Analytical (10 Questions)

Section 2:  Quantitative (10 Questions)

Section 3: C and JAVA (40 Question)

 Analytical and Quantitative sections were easy. The third section was moderate because it explored deeply about snippets and java core concepts).

(Prepare JAVA Collections, OOP concepts, C snippets, etc well)

Out of total 80 students, only 7 were selected. The filtration was quite high.

Interview 1 (Technical):

Approx 1 hr 

I was to be interviewed by two interviewers. Fortunately or unfortunately, the other interviewer didn’t show up.

1) Tell me something about yourself

2) Explain one of your two projects to the best you can(prepare well about the projects, they ask in-depth about it)

3) I was asked a particular component about my angular project. Since it was a little hard,and I had done only the basics I replied honestly that I don’t know the answer

4) I was asked about the oops concept and singleton class and about private constructors(because I directed the interview that way deliberately)

5)Tricky questions like why c++ over python,is java oop more efficient than cpp and the most distinguishing factor between them(I answered java is pure oop,c++ is procedural and oop both,he was satisfied)

5) DBMS: Basic queries on JOINS and asked for examples of both. A difficult part was to actually give one common example for explaining all joins.

6)I was asked about big data and mongo as NoSql and their benefits for technology in a futuristic manner.

7) I  prepared for DSA ,but was not asked about it.

8) When I was asked whether I have any questions, the interviewer got curious when I am mentioned I knew about DevOps.He asked me in detail, and I answered the best I can. That was the turning point since the technical interview was a little difficult for me

(6 out of 7 got selected)

Interview 2: (Managerial)

Approx 35 mins

1) Tell me about yourself.

2) Projects (Again in depth)

3) Behavioral questions and situational questions like what would you do if a candidate is low performing

or there is a resource issue, how would you debug it.

(4 out of 6 were selected)

Interview 3: (HR)

Approx 20 mins

1) Would you work on this(said) technology?

2)What did you learn in your 3 years of engineering and what activities you participated in?

3) The subject I had this semester.

4)My internship experience and projects most important components I loved.

5)In the end I asked about their case study with banks and he answered them in great detail and was happy about the research.

(2 out of 2 were selected)

The interviews were moderate and preferably Java Language is preferred since most products that are used involve Java as a primary language. That being said, despite being virtual, the interviewers were kind and understanding and made us comfortable, hence it felt more like a discussion.I would suggest do your projects very well and in depth.

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