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Accolite Recruitment Experience Fresher (On-Campus)

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I recently interviewed at Accolite when the company had visited IIITD for recruitment.

There were in all a total of 5-6 rounds. Each round was an elimination round.

The first round was an online test. It was done on eduthrill, each question was given only 60sec and it had to be solved within the time limit.

There was no negative marking and you would know your score by the end of the test.

A total of 105 students were registered for this round and 75 were able to qualify for the next round. The next round was a coding round. In this round, we were given just 1 coding question and 1 hour of time. The question was based on string. After this round, they shortlisted 17 students. These 17 students were then interviewed.

My first interview was something like this:
1. Interviewer had a good look at the resume, and asked me to explain the latest project on my resume.
2. Asked me about my favorite language and subject, I said C++ is my most preferred language and DSA is my favorite course.
3. Then she asked me to explain the concept of double pointers and dangling pointers.
4. Some tricky questions on static functions and variables.
5. Then she asked me to implement stack from scratch and what data structure would I use to implement it and why ?I replied by saying linked list. I wrote the whole implementation using doubly linked list, to do both push and pop in O(1) time.
6. Given a number, print whether it is prime or not? I gave O(sqrt(n)) solution, and she was satisfied with it.
7. Then she gave me a situation and asked me to give the data model for it. I had to design a system where there were X tables in a restaurant and 9-11 was the timing of the place. I had to make reservations keeping in mind all possible constraints I can think of.
8. The last question was on trees. She drew a tree and asked me to print paths from root to every leaf node.

After waiting for 15 minutes, I was called for the second round.
This was completely based on my resume, he asked me to explain my projects and since I had some ML projects listed, I was asked some basic ML questions. Some DBMS questions like, why do we need transaction. Some Linux commands and about the tools I had listed on my resume.
After waiting for another 5 minutes, I was called for HR round. It was just a formality and the hr discussed with me the preferred job location, etc.
I was finally offered the job.

Last Updated : 05 Aug, 2019
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