Accolite Interview Experience (Software Engineer)

Accolite Came in Our College in Oct 2019. There are a total of 6 rounds. One Online MCQ round, one Online Coding test, three technical round, and the HR round.

First Round: This round was online round, which has 30 MCQs. Accolite uses its own product called Eduthrill to conduct online test. online test includes Aptitude plus Computer Networking plus Operating System with some basic programming questions. In this round, 730 students participated around 140 students qualified for the next round.

Second Round: This round was a coding round in which a normal coding problem was given.

Out of 140 they shortlisted 29 after this round.

Third Round: This was a technical round as formality he asked: “Tell me something about yourself !” One question from Resume. I used Clustering in my project so he asked me About Clustering.

Fourth Round: This Round started with Easy Problem.

Fifth Round: In this round he asked me one question.

HR round: In this round asked me about myself, asked about my Interests, Hobbies, and Family Background at the end asked about Location Preference.

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