Accolite Interview Experience | Set 22

First Round
MCQs on paper ( 30 minutes, 30 Questions )
OS, DBMS, Networking, C, C++
Online Test on eduthrill ( 30 minutes, 30 Questions )
OS, DBMS, Networking, C, C++
Prepare well from geeksforgeeks and KNOWLEDGE GATE youtube channel

Second Round Written Test ( 45 mins )
House Robber Problem
Remove BST keys outside the given range
Print Hosoya Triangle ( Fibonacci Triangle )

Third Round

Face To Face interview
1 : Given a SLL find if there exists a palindrome( size of palindrome > 1 )
2 : Length of longest palindrome list in a linked list
3 : Print Bottom view of BST

Final Round
Interviewer asked me Tell me about yourself
Favorite DS and why
Favorite subject in course ( Programming related )
Nodes at given distance in binary tree
K’th Smallest/Largest Element in Unsorted Array
Split an array into two equal Sum subarrays
Intersection of two arrays
Level Order Tree Traversal
One question was there to assess thinking ability

PS: In final round I was interviewed by three interviewers ( in one sitting )

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