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Accolite Interview Experience | Set 15 (On-Campus)

Last Updated : 31 Mar, 2023
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1st round consisted of 20mcq questions to be answered in 30 minutes.

Around 120 students appeared for the test.

Top 5 were called directly for the interviews next 15 had to go for a subjective round consisting of 3 coding questions.

I was called directly for the interview.

First round of interview lasted for 2.5 hrs following questions were asked
1. Design a tic tac toe game algorithm with all corner cases
2. Find the maximum sum rectangle in a 2D array ( I gave the brute force and dp solution )
3. Apply DFS on a graph using adjacency list
4. Coin Change Problem ( Initially I gave recursive solution which had overlapping subproblems but then I gave him the DP solution and he accepted it.
5. Print the largest sinusoidal sequence( ZIG ZAG sequence) in an array ( He asked me to code the recursive solution and then write the working code of DP solution)

Second Round Consisted of 3-4 math puzzles and 1 DP problem (2hrs)
– Find the smallest substring which consists all the alphabets.

Third Round was HR (20mins)
It was easy. She asked questions like my weakness/strength and preference for working centre- delhi/bangalore.

Fourth round was Skype (45mins)
1. Insertion and deletion in a BST
2. Modify a Linked List such that every node has the address of the node having the max value at its right . That is – for any ith node, from all the nodes at its right find the node with max value and store its address in ith node’s pointer – pmax.time limit- O(n) could be done using recursion.
3. Job Scheduling Algorithm .

After this round I was given the offer letter.

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