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Accolite Interview Experience | Set 12 (On-Campus)

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Accolite visited our campus. There was a Pre-Placement talk before Round 1. 

Round 1 

  • MCQ (20 Qus)- 30 Mins

72 people selected in 640 students. 

Round 2 – Paper Coding 

  1. Print shortest path to print a string on screen
  2. Find zeroes to be flipped so that number of consecutive 1’s is maximized
  3. Serialize and Deserialize a Binary Tree

21 people selected 

Round 3 – Technical Interview  

  1. The size of array is 101 and the range of number is 0-99 . Only one number comes 2 times find that number.
  2. Given an array A[] and a number x, check for pair in A[] with sum as
  3. Delete the nodes in the BST whose range in between

Round 4 – Technical Interview  

  1. Find Diagonal Sum of Binary Tree.
  2. Inorder Traversal (Recursive, using stack, Morris Traversal).
  3. Basics questions of Java (Collection, Thread, Polymorphism, static, final, finalize(), finally).

Round 5 – Technical Interview  

  1. Print leaf to root of a given leaf node value from given array where 0th index of array represents the root node and index represents the child node and the value represents at that index is the parent node.
  2. Minimize the redundancy of the data so which DS will u prefer.
  3. Database questions(Join, Normalization, Transaction, E-R diagram).
  4. People got FTE 2 people got Internship

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Last Updated : 28 Jun, 2021
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