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Accolite Interview Experience (On-campus)

  • Difficulty Level : Medium
  • Last Updated : 26 Jul, 2019

Accolite hiring process include 6 rounds.

1.First Round::First round is online round, which has 30 MCQs.Accolite uses their own product called Eduthrill to conduct online can practice using this link (Eduthrill) online test includes Apti+CN+OS+some programming questions.
450 students participated in this round.30 students qualified for the next round.

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2.Second Round:This is a written round.they will give two problems, we have to write code for those two problems.whoever solves those two problems will qualify for next round.after 30 minutes they will announce the results.only 10 people cleared this round.

3.Third Round:This Technical round 1 They asked some programming questions related to algorithms and data structures

a.Find nth Magic Number
b.questions on my project.
c.OOPS concepts
d.some questions on subnetting.
They interviewed me for 1 hour.

4.Fourth Round:This is Technical round 2 .they asked some programming questions in this round also.
a.Connect nodes at same level
b.they give some string, for example
Given string:
$S%^UR&ESH@ You should reverse only alphabets
Output is:$H%^SE&RUS@
c.DBMS querry two get second larget salary in from employee table.
They interviewed me for 40 minutes.

5.Fifth Round:It is Technical round 3
They have given some text, we have to encrypt it using given pattern.
for example:
Given string: attackatonce, key=3
pattern :
a c o
t a k t n e
t a c
Cipher Text:acotaktnetac.
I encrypted using bruteforce algorithm, they asked me to decrypt it using cipher text.
After that they gave 2 DBMS queries which are complex.

6.Sixth Round: This is HR round.
they asked about my family, education hobbies etc.

I got job in Accolite
Thanks for GEEKS FOR GEEKS for providing platform to learn so many things.

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