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Accolite Interview Experience | On Campus – NIT

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All rounds of interviews were held on Skype due to the COVID-19 situation, M.Tech – CSE.

Round 1 (Written 30 min): This round was conducted on Eduthrill. Around 30 MCQs on OS, DBMS, Networks, Aptitude, Computer Architecture, etc. were supposed to be done in 30 minutes. (60% score is minimum for shortlisting & I got exactly 60)

Round 2 (Coding 60 min): This round was conducted on Codelyzer. One coding question. Given a set of coins, determine whether it is possible to divide it into 3 equal parts or not.

Round 3 (1 hour):

  1. Brief Introduction
  2. Let me give you a situation and you have to tell me, which data structure will be used. There is an employee working on a task and getting an important call, he is receiving the call. Again getting an important call, and he received and continuing his task. And blah blah about the task (which was not important). Now, which data structure will be used here? I said priority Queue and gave the reason. (She tried to confuse me, but I stuck to my answer)
  3. Difference between Priority Queue & Queue?
  4. How you will relate the Priority Queue and Heap data Structure?
  5. Do you know about recursion? What is it?
  6. You know recursion right. so, share your ide/notepad/code block and make a recursive function to check an array is sorted or not? I am getting thoughts like you can’t do it. But instead of focusing on thoughts, try to focus on the Question. You will get the answer. I made a recursive function with 4 parameters, she said optimize it and try to make it only with 2 parameters. I tried and at the end wrote the function.
  7. How you will sort a Linked List and use which sorting algorithm?
  8. Why merge sort? Why not Quicksort ? Give me the reasons.
  9. Write a pseudo code for finding Min & Max of a Binary Tree.
  10. You have 1 million image pixels (0-255 values). Which sorting you will use for sorting it? Count sort (explained with reason).
  11. You have 10 million telephone directories (Numbers), which sorting algorithm will be used to sort it? Bucket sort (explained with reason – she was impressed here & satisfied with my answers).
  12. Brainteaser (Puzzle) You have a 3 lit. jar (Jug) & 5 lit. jar, you have to measure 4 lit. Of water using these.

Round 4: Skipped – Because my first round f2f was Awesome, so she sent me to 3rd f2f.

Round 5 (Tech + Project 40 min): This round was comparatively shorter than others. It lasted for 40 minutes or so. The interviewer asked me to explain any one of the projects. He had various counter questions. He asked while working in a team what kind of challenges did you face and how did you overcome them.

  1. There are n number of cities and given an array of patrols to go from one city to another. Some cities having a petrol pump. You have a bike with an initial P lit. of petrol. Find the min number of stoppage needed to go from 1st city to nth one nad to come back to the initial one i.e 1st. ? Gave the approach to solve it, I thought.
  2. Now he asked me to code it

Tried to code it, some conditions are wrong.. so, changed it and again tried… At last, gave the code (Which was not perfect but ok type) 

Selected…(they selected 5 out of 24)


  • Never say no for any Q, try to give Approaches for solving the problem.
  • If you are confident, stick to your point/answer.
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Last Updated : 10 Sep, 2020
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