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Accolite Interview Experience (On-Campus)

  • Last Updated : 14 Aug, 2020

Round 1 – Online MCQ round conducted on Eduthrill . This round consisted of 30 mcqs to be solved in 30mins. Mcqs covering the topics OS,DBMS,C output ques .

Round 2- Coding round conducted on codelyzer platform . There was a single coding question which was similar to

18 selected after these rounds

Round 3 – Technical round where the interviewer gave a coding question which was of medium level and told me to give an approach to solve the question . I couldn’t solve it in one go so he gave many hints in between and after i got to an solution he told me to write pseudo code for it .Then he asked few questions on OS,DBMS.

10 selected after this round

Round 4 – Another Technical round where interview asked questions only on data structures and algorithms . Questions were

1. join two Linked List

2.Merge sort on Linked List

3.basics of BST

4. distance between two nodes in a BST.

5.Spirally print a matrix.

After this round i was rejected.

There was another HR round and they selected only one student.

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