Accolite Interview Experience Off campus (AHC 4.0)

Round 1:
The AHC 4.0 was on eduthrill platform. The questions were of type MCQ’s.
Subjects that are been tested: DS, ALGO, OS, DBMS, QUANT, TIME AND SPACE COMPLEXITIES, JAVA, C, C++
There was a time limit for every question you solve and will be awarded extra marks if the question is submitted before the time limit.

Round 2:
Total 200 members were shortlisted out of 8950(Approx) members. The shortlisted people had skype interviews. In first round of skype interview the questions were based on DS and algorithmic skills. They always expect very optimized answers or solutions.
You might be asked to do screen sharing through which they ask you to code and compile the program or code if you are given a question to solve.

Round 3:
This round is also similar to that of round 2. In this round your academic subject based questions can also be asked. Like COMP, AI etc., They almost try to cover all the aspects of technology related subjects, but most of the concentration is on ALGO AND DS.

Round 4:
This round tests your knowledge in your projects which is also skype. And they give you scenarios where actually your project can be implemented and ask for your approach to improve your project.

After the 4rth they send an acknowledgment mail whether you got selected or not.(This can be either for intern or PPO)

1) Be good at subject knowledge with rating of minimum 8/10 for yourself – algo, ds
2) while attending interview ensure you have good internet connection and a laptop

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