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Accolite Interview Experience (Off-Campus 2020)

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I applied to Accolite Tech fresher hiring 11.0 last month off the campus. There were 5 rounds in total.

Round 1: It was conducted on Eduthrill platform of Accolite. It had aptitude questions, questions on Computer Science subjects like Operating Systems, Computer Networks, DBMS. Each test had 5 questions for which 5 minutes of time was given and a student is expected to give at least 20 tests with a minimum of 60% accuracy in each. They gave almost a month of time to write these tests. So, one can write them at any time, and the more the tests you write, the more the chances of you qualifying for the next round. I always advise you to take these tests ASAP because the Accolite intake is low and if you’re late, you may ruin a great opportunity.

Round 2: The second round is a coding challenge consisting of 1 question to be solved in 1 hour. The questions are basically hard but the good part is you can be selected for the next round even if you partially solved it( happened to me).

The question I got something that can be solved used Dynamic Programming.

Round 3: It’s a Technical round. The interviewer asked me about my favourite topic and I said arrays. He asked me to solve a problem with arrays. In total, I was asked 3 questions in it which are:

  1. Array Rotation: How to Left or Right rotate an Array in Java?

  2. You have a Hospital management system, with the following structure


    • Doctor_ID
    • Doctor_Name
    • Department_ID


    • Department_ID
    • Department_Name


    • Patient_ID
    • Patient_Name
    • Date_Of_Discharge
    • Treating_Doctor_ID

    Write a query to Display the doctor, along with their departments and patient_names (if any)

  3. Find the alternate vertical sum of a tree. The central vertical contains the root node that is taken as positive and all the alternate verticals have different magnitude.


        /   \
       3     4
      / \   /  \
     5   6 7    8
    Root-> 15 (+)
    Left 1 root -> 3 (-)
    Left 2 root -> 5 (+)
    Right 1 root -> 4 (-)
    Right 2 root -> 8 (+)



Note: You will be asked to give an optimal solution approach i.e., the time and space complexity should be as best as possible. Keep this in mind while preparing.

Round 4: This is a technical round again. The questions here were tougher than the previous round and also there was a discussion on the projects in my resume.

I was asked only one question that took me a lot of time. At first, I’ve given one approach, but the interviewer was expecting another optimal approach and delivered it after taking almost 30mins.

  • Find the maximum sum path in a pyramid.  

Round 5: HR round,  all the interviews were held online on Skype and I was finally given an (INTERNSHIP + FTE) opportunity.


  • The interviewers were very interactive, and they will help you out if you’re stuck solving a problem
  • They look for your approach to solving a problem but not the coding part. So, you should come up with a really good approach.
  • No matter how long you take to come up with an approach, if you’re approach is workable then you’ll be selected(Which happened in my case)

Good Luck!

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Last Updated : 14 Oct, 2020
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