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Accolite Interview Experience (Off-Campus 2020)

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  • Difficulty Level : Hard
  • Last Updated : 15 Dec, 2020

I applied for AHC 11.0 Tech Fresher Hiring for the role of Software Engineer on Eduthrill website which is an off-campus drive for Accolite. There were a total of 4 Rounds in total.

Round 1: This was a gaming round where we had to play a minimum of 20 games of around 5 minutes each. The games were nothing but questions with timers. We had to play a minimum of 20 games and attain a score of 60% and above on EduThrill to get shortlisted for the next round. The questions were based on DSA, OS, CN, SQL, aptitude, and logic.

Round 2: Round 2 was a coding round that was held on Accolite’s Codelyzer Platform. There was only one question of medium difficulty and 60 minutes were given to solve it. I was able to pass 3/5 test cases.

Round 3: This was the first technical interview held on skype. The interviewer started with the “Tell me about yourself” question. Then he asked me to explain one of my projects which I mentioned in my resume. He asked me about Dangling Pointers. He then quickly jumped to DSA. He asked me 2 questions :

  1. Segregate 0s 1s and 2s in an array. I solved it using 3 pointers approach.
  2. We are given an array of strings, we need to sort the array in increasing order of string lengths.

Note: In both the questions, he just asked the approach.

Round 4: Again this round was started with a brief introduction about myself. She started with operating systems by asking what is fixed size partitioning and variable size partitioning, what are the problems in both like internal and external fragmentation, and what are the ways to overcome these. Then she asked the 4 basic concepts of OOPs. She then moved to coding questions, A total of 3 coding questions were asked :

  1. Given preorder traversal of a BST in the form of an array, write its postorder traversal. I gave two approaches to solve this question.
  2. Given a matrix where each cell is either black or white. I had to find the largest submatrix whose all four boundaries are black. I had to code it in the screen sharing mode. 
  3. Find Kth the largest element in the array.

I gave 3 different solutions with different complexities for this question.

At last, she asked me if I have any questions for her. I asked 2 questions. So if you are given a chance to ask questions then go ahead and ask as many questions as you can but that all should be relevant. 

Verdict: Selected


  • Talk and interact with the interviewer while solving the questions.
  • Ask for hints and clear every doubt you have.
  • Just be confident and make the conversation friendly.
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