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Accolite Interview Experience | FTE+Internship (SheCodes)

  • Last Updated : 31 Aug, 2021
Geek Week

The first round was on Eduthrill which consisted of questions from computer science-based subjects(Networks, Data structures, pseudo-codes)

and one coding question. The exact question was

We had to write unit test cases along with the code.

After the coding round, a few were shortlisted for the interview.

Technical Round 1:  

The interviewer asked about my projects and explain one of them. No cross-questions were asked related to projects. 

Then he gave 2 coding questions 


He asked me to dry run the code. Then he asked what changes would I make if the array was circular in the case of the House robbing program.

Then at the end, he asked a few DBMS( diff b/w delete, drop, truncate) and normal forms) questions.

Technical Round 2: 

 The interview started with an explanation of projects(in brief). 

Later 2 coding questions were given. One was to find the kth element from the end of the linked list and the second was to She wanted to see if I knew the efficient trie-based approach.

Later she gave one SQL query (based on supermarket management system), later she did modifications to the same questions and me to write a query.

Lastly, she asked me to design an ATM Application(OOPS Based Design).

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