Accolite Interview Experience for Software Engineer Internship

I applied for Accolite through AHC 8.0 held on the Eduthrill platform. There are four rounds, one MCQ round,  one online test, two technical rounds. The company was hiring for a software engineer internship position.

Round 1(MCQ): Accolite was conducing AHC 8.0 hiring challenge. You have to participate in the challenge and have to solve MCQ questions based on OS, DBMS, OOPS, Networking, DSA. Try to get rank in the top 200 people.

Round 2(Online Test): I was shortlisted for the online test which consists of one programming language. You have to write a production-ready code including test cases with the help of the Google-Test framework. 

  1. A slight variation of the Intersection of LinkedList.

Round 3(Technical Round 1): Primarily focused on DSA, asked around 3 questions.

  1. Check for balanced parentheses in an expression.
  2. Print nodes at k distance from root.
  3. Difference between two given times.

Round 4(Technical Round 2): Interviewer focused on Projects, DSA.

  1. Projects you are currently working on?
  2. Reverse words in a given string
  3. Count frequencies of all elements in array in O(1) extra space and O(n) time

Tips to remember:

  1. The company mainly focuses on Data Structures and Algorithms and Projects.
  2. Learn how to write test cases in the Google test framework it would be helpful in the online coding round.
  3. Keep talking while solving the DS problem.

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