Accolite India Interview Experience

Round 1: The first Round was a technical, first we had to solve 2 coding questions

a) Given an array {1, 2, 2, 1, 0, 0, 0, 0, 4, 4, 4, 4} print in the elements in the ascending order of their frequencies.

b) Detect Loop in a linked

Post that questions on what approach was taken to solve these 2 questions.

After that a lengthy Technical Round of Core JAVA, following questions were asked

What is executor framework? Why is it required?

What is Singleton, factory and Builder Design Pattern?

Internal Implementation of HashMap

What is concurrency? What is difference between normal hashmap and Concurrent Hash Map?

Round 2: The Second Round was Design Round, the interviewer asked me to design a prediction game Dream 11? Describe the high level and low level design of the game along with tables and schema, also asked what i would do for implementing security?

Apart from this one coding question was also asked given an array tell the pairs which sum to a given number k?

Round 3: Third Round was mostly a behavioral round but one technical question was also asked regarding what is connection pool and how it functions.

Apart from that

Why Accolite?

Why are  you leaving your current organization?

If i offer you some X salary would you not look outside?

How do you handle pressure?

Overall experience was positive, i did well. They also gave a choice from domains Healthcare or Banking which ever i wanted to work on

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