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Accolite Digital Software Engineer Interview Experience | Off-Campus 2022

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Round 1: MCQs

  • The first round was a game-based round on the Eduthrill platform, where we need to do at least 20 assessments where each assessment lasts for 5-6 mins around 4-5 mcqs for each assessment. 
  • The mcqs were on Technical subjects like Data structures, Algorithms, OS, CN, OOPS, etc. You need to get an average of at least 60% to clear this round.

Round 2: Coding

  • This was a coding round, where I was given a problem that basically boiled on to detect a cycle in a directed graph, 1 hour time was given to code it.

Round 3: Technical Round 1

  • The interview started with the interviewer introducing himself and asked me to give a brief self-introduction. Then I was asked about my projects and some related questions on them.
  • He asked me if I knew about DBMS and later gave some queries which I was asked to share the screen and write on the notepad. It was an employee schema.
  • Then he asked me about what is encapsulation
  • A coding question was given wherein I had to count a number of palindromes in a string such that their length should be greater than 2 and also the output length of the longest palindromic string out of them.
  • As time was remaining he gave me a question to tell the missing number in an array with all elements present twice except one.
  • I told him the O(1) space XOR-based approach and he was satisfied. This round lasted for 1 hr.

Round 4: Technical Round 2

  • After some days I received a call that I have cleared the 1st tech round and after some days I’ll be having tech round 2.
  • This round too started in a similar manner as the first with the interviewer and me introducing each other.
  • Here too I was given some SQL queries to write that involved joins, aggregate functions, etc.
  • He also asked me about normalization and its types.
  • Then he asked me the difference between a tree and a graph and the various traversals like BFS, DFS, preorder, inorder and postorder traversals.
  • He gave me a question about burning trees where I had to output the min time that will be required to burn the entire tree starting from the target node and given that on each second node are all adjacent nodes catch fire.

Round 5: HR round

  • I’m listing down the questions asked to me:
  • Introduce yourself
  • Some questions on projects
  • Why Accolite?
  • How have I utilized the lockdown?
  • What do I do out of my studies
  • Any questions for me?
  • This was a typical HR round based on behavioral and situational questions.

Verdict: Selected

Tips: Keep your basics clear and be confident it.

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Last Updated : 17 Oct, 2021
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