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Accolite Digital Pvt Ltd. Interview Experience | On-Campus September 2020

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Round 1(Aptitude, Technical MCQ): 30 Mins

Online test consisting of 30 MCQs to be solved within 30 mins on the Eduthrill platform. Questions were based on the basics of DS, sorting and searching, DBMS, Networks, Computer Architecture, and C language.The questions were in the medium level of difficulty.I cleared the first round with ease because I was very well-prepared with the basics.

Round 2(Coding Round): 1 hr

The coding round happened in the Codelyser platform. It consists of two question where one was easy and another one was medium.

  1. The first question was that in a given array which has (0s and 1s) we have to find the number of 1s which are present in between the zeroes.
  2. Rain Drop Problem. (Straightforward).

In this platform, the tricky part was we had to enter the test cases to check our results and as well as we couldn’t see the test cases that has been passed which was used for evaluation.

It was little bit different to accustom to the platform, but I did solve 2 questions in a matter of 20 mins. I did solve it fast because I knew 2 questions already.

Round 3(Technical Interview Round 1):

  1. I got selected for the technical round which happened on the next day morning. The platform used for interview was Skype. The duration of the interview was around 1.5 hours. It was the best interview that I had ever attended. The interviewer was very much friendly and made me comfortable so that I could answer him in the better manner. At first, it was a basic introduction about myself, and he even wished me that I had a good resume. After that he asked me to explain one of my projects which he founded to be interesting.
  2. After that he gave me an interesting question which I have not come across. I started to solve the question, and it became more of a discussion rather than interview. I was asked to code the answer, and it was screen shared with the interviewer. The way I used the data structure and coding style was very much standard. After so much discussion the question was solved by using BFS algorithm. By listening to the question I couldn’t even guess it had to be solved using BFS. The interviewer asked me to send the code to him for recruitment purpose. This was the only question that was asked for the whole interview round.

Round 4(Technical Interview Round 2):

  1. I got the call for the second interview round. It was started in the same manner as before round where the interviewer asked me the basic introduction. After that he asked me a basic DBMS question. After that he asked me a question in “Trees”. The question was to write a function for Post order traversal in recursive manner. After that he asked me to explain the code and dry run it with certain test cases. After that he asked me to code the same above question in the iterative manner. I had solved that as well.
  2. Then the interviewer shouted me another question to solve. This time it was with the given array and value ‘k’, I had to print the k-rotated array. I had solve it with brute force with O(n^2)and then he asked me to give the efficient solution. So I wrote the code with an efficient solution. He was happy with that and he directed me to the managerial round. This round took place around one hour to finish.

Round 5(Managerial Interview Round):

  1. The Manager introduced himself and asked me to do the same. After that he asked me about my aspiration,I gave him some kind of cliche answer. He didn’t accept it so I gave a better one with an example. He appreciated me for that. He asked me one or two scenario-based questions.
  2. After that he asked me to code to find the angle between hour hand and second hand in the clock. It was quite tough and so I took my time and gave him the answer. He accepted it and then move with another question which was something with time again. I gave him a solution but it was not an efficient one.
  3. Then finishing the coding part, he asked me “What is Denormalisation? Why it has to be done”. I told him the answer which I thought was right. After that interview is finished.


I got my result just after finishing my final round.I was glad to hear that I got selected.

Topics to be focussed on:

  1. Data structures
  2. Database management systems
  3. Operating system
  4. Computer Networks
  5. Algorithms

Take away:

The things which I got to learn from my placement process are:

  1. Be strong with basics.
  2. Always practice.
  3. Never ever give up.
  4. Wear your rejection as a batch.
  5. You will get what you deserve.
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Last Updated : 31 Mar, 2021
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