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Accolite Digital Pvt Ltd. Interview Experience (Off-Campus)

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Accolite Digital- SDE1 for Batch of 2022

Round 0: Aptitude

Accolite Digital Hiring Challenge 13.0 on Eduthrill portal. Had to solve 20 quizzes while maintaining an accuracy of 60%. The question comprised of DBMS, OS, COA, Number theory, Data Structure, .NET Framework, and Java. The majority of the questions were former GATE questions.

Round 1(Coding challenge):

  1. The coding question was:

The only allowed language was C.

Round 2(Technical Interview 1):

  1. Asked me to explain my most challenging project.
  2. Asked about Software architecture, System Design of project, Asked about DB structure and asked me to write some queries on DB
  3. Merge Point of 2 Linked Lists:
  4. Find no.s present in 1st list but not in 2nd. With duplication of numbers:
  5. Asked Abstract Classes and Interfaces.
  6. Asked to write DB Queries: 1.Nested Query, 2.Join
  7. Asked some Design Pattern Questions
  8. Asked data structure questions(Hashmap)

Round 3(Technical Interview 2):

  1. Asked basic constraints of language: Limits of long long int, etc
  2. Add 2 numbers stored as a string:
  3. Find 2nd largest element in an array:
  4. One probability question
  5. Puzzle:
  6. Theoretical Questions on OS, DBMS, ML, Cryptography, Software Architecture and Design
  7. What is Optimization and How will you optimize your code and your DB

Round 4(HR Interview):

  1. Brief me about yourself
  2. Why Accolite Digital
  3. Most Challenging thing in each internship
  4. Academic Achievements

Verdict: Selected

Last Updated : 04 May, 2021
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