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Accolite Digital Interview Experience (Off-campus) 2021

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  • Last Updated : 28 Sep, 2022
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Round 1 (M.C.Q. CS Fundamentals): 30 min M.C.Q. round: 30 questions based on CS fundamentals (not hard and some questions are way too easy). I have given this test on the train, really thanks to the JIO for its connectivity. 

Round 2 (Coding round): I don’t exactly remember the question but it was the medium to hard level question. As I have solved the question with the help of DP.  And, I have that confidence that I would be selected for the further rounds.

After around 15 days or so got the invite for a technical round.

Round 3(Technical Round 1): The interviewer was very friendly,  He first Introduce himself and then asked about my introduction and directly moved towards the Coding Question, It was from the linked list, and I was able to solve that Question.

After that, He asked some DBMS questions as well as some questions related to OOPs.

The duration of the interview was around 60 mins. It went well and I receive my result next week.

Round 4(Technical Round 2): She introduces herself and ask my introduction,  then directly jump into the coding, 

There were roughly 5 coding Questions :

  • Maximum height of the tree
  • The reverse of the linked list
  • The reverse of string( without using STL)
  • Top View of Binary tree.
  • Loop in the Linked list

After this, she asked the questions from SQL, some normal queries. Then about projects and in which tech stack, I have implemented them. 

Round 5 (HR round): (30 min): Some usual hr questions like:

  •    Introduce yourself.
  •    preferred location.
  •    any other offers I have?
  •   Your Strength and weaknesses.

HR told me about the company and what services they are providing briefly.

Verdict: SELECTED (Got internship+FTE) 

Tips: Keep your DSA concept crystal clear as accolite is famous for asking Link List and Tree questions majorly. It gave me an advantage in confidence. Along with DSA revise other subjects basics too including DBMS, OS, CN, and OOP. At last, be polite and should have a slight smile on your face.


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