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Accolite Digital Interview Experience Internship + FTE | On-Campus

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  • Last Updated : 27 Aug, 2021
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Recently Accolite Digital visited our campus. 

Interested candidates were asked to apply with their latest resume, based on the resume few were shortlisted for the online test, which is the first round of the process.

Hiring process:

  1. Online MCQ Test
  2. Online Coding Test
  3. Technical Round 1
  4. Technical Round 2
  5. HR Round

Online MCQ Test:  We were given 30 MCQ and we needed to complete them within 30 minutes. The platform for the exam was EduThrill. The test mostly consisted of Technical questions and a few general aptitude questions. These were easy-level questions and one can pass this round if they are strong on their course curriculum.  

Tip: You need to be really fast and accurate with your answers. Candidates were shortlisted for the next round based on their score and time.

Online Coding Round: After 15 minutes, we received the link for Online Coding Round. We were given 1 coding question to solve.   We needed to solve that question successfully to pass this round. Question difficulty is easy.   In this round as well, we needed to be really fast in solving the problem.

We were asked to select a preferred language at the time of registration, the same language will be allowed to code for this round, other languages were not accepted.

No existing method signatures/packages should be changed and the main method should not be added, however, we were allowed to create new methods called from the given method, if required.

After a few days of the Online test, we were given shortlist details for the interview.  

The question was similar to this:

Note: The candidates were shortlisted for the interviews based on their total score from MCQ and Coding round and the total time taken by them. We need to be really fast and accurate in order to clear the exam.

Technical Interview 1: About 4000 students applied for the process and 80 were selected for this round. The interview duration is 1 hour, for me, the interviewer tested my problem-solving skills first.  

First, he asked me to introduce myself, and my preferred coding language, and had a few basic questions on that. Later the Interviewer started with basic coding questions, and asked me about my knowledge in data structures and algorithms and how much would I rate myself in it.  Then he asked me the algorithm for reversing an array: He further asked me to solve it in O(1) space. He then asked me to do it using recursion. He was satisfied with all the solutions I gave. He asked about the space occupied by a class. He then asked the algorithm for another coding question which was to push all the zeros to the end of the array. I had previously practiced it on GeeksForGeeks and this is the solution: He was happy with the solution.

He asked questions about OOPS: 4 pillars of OOPS, encapsulation and its real-time examples, inheritance and its disadvantages, runtime polymorphism, and a few other questions based on JAVA.

These problem-solving questions took nearly 30 minutes of discussion and totally the interview lasted for 50 minutes. The interviewer was very friendly and made it feel like just a discussion.  We needed to solve only with optimal time complexity to qualify for the next round. They judged us on our problem-solving skills and we needed a really strong understanding of OOPS.

After 30 minutes, I got a mail and call from Accolite HR, that I was selected for the next round. 

Technical Interview 2: 

Only a few students were selected for technical round 2. 

  • I was asked to introduce myself. We could expect any questions from the resume. 
  • He asked me questions related to Java and specifically HashMap and ArrayList and how they work.
  • He then asked a few questions about OOPS followed by DBMS. He asked me about normalization, primary and foreign keys, and then asked me to write two queries in SQL.
  • He further asked me about the project I was doing in my internship and asked about APIs and backend architecture. He also asked me about MVC architecture as I was working on that.
  • He also asked me about my machine learning project and the algorithm used in it. He asked me the working of the algorithm and how to check its accuracy. 

We needed to be thorough with whatever we have written in our resumes.

He was satisfied with the answers and the round lasted for about an hour.

After 40 minutes, I got a mail and call from Accolite HR, that I was selected for the last round that was an HR interview.

HR Interview: This round lasted for about 20 minutes. 

  • She asked me to introduce myself and my family background.
  • She asked about my strengths and weaknesses, the difference between hard work and smart work with an example.
  • She asked me about the problems faced by me working in a team during my online internship and how would I solve those problems if I were the team leader.
  • Lastly, she explained to me about the company and my CTC breakup.

After one day they declared the result and selected 15 students for Full-Time Offer and I was one of them.

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