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Accolite Digital Interview Experience for SDE (On-Campus)

  • Last Updated : 11 Aug, 2021

Accolite Digital Interview Experience for SDE (On-Campus) for batch 2022

Round 1: This was MCQ round with 30 questions with 30 minutes time.

  • Questions were based on CS fundamentals such as OS, DBMS, CN, Data Structures, and general aptitude.
  • This round was of medium level started at 2 PM.
  • Post this round at 3:30 we got a list of 135 students who were qualified for the coding round.

Round 2: This round had one coding question which was to be solved in 1 hour.

  • The question was based on arrays, it was very similar to ‘Count minimum steps to get the given desired array
  • You were asked to choose a language before round 1 through google form.
  • This round had one surprise you had to write your test cases so you should know little about unit testing with the help of library ‘gtest.h’ you should know about unit testing prior to going to the coding round.
  • 64 students were shortlisted from this round for technical rounds.
  • I got mail at 6:00 PM that my technical round 1 was scheduled at 5 PM the next day.

Round 3: In this round interviewer asked me about myself then directly proceeded and gave me check balanced parenthesis problem I solved that problem he was satisfied.

  • Then he went through my resume and my project was web-based so he asked about what we could use to make our page responsive on different devices, some basic javascript concepts such as a promise, etc.
  • Then he asked about basic git commands to push our changes to the online repository.
  • Then he asked about the language I prefer and try catch finally blocks basics and question where each block returns an integer so what will be the final output.
  • In the end, he asked a question where an array of size n+1 containing 1 to n elements and one element was duplicated I needed to find that element in O(n) time and O(1) space complexity.
  • While ending the interview he hinted that since you have done work in the front-end next interviewer will ask about front-end technology.
  • This round lasted for 45 minutes.
  • At 7:30 PM I got mail that my technical round 2 was scheduled at 10 AM the next day.

Round 4: For this round, I prepared about front-end technologies but not even a single question was asked related to it I was glad they didn’t.

  • The interviewer started by asking are you nervous? I said a little bit then he assured me there is no need to be nervous.
  • He first asked questions about OOPS concepts Inheritance, abstraction, polymorphism. Then he asked me about static keywords and their use.
  • When he found out that I was comfortable answering questions he went to DSA where he asked me to write code to reverse a  linked list, spiral traversal of matrix, etc.
  • Then he went to DBMS and asked about the GROUP BY clause, the difference between HAVING and WHERE clause, normalization, denormalization.
  • After this, he went Operating system and asked about synchronization, multithreading how threads communicate with each other, etc.
  • Then he asked me to google the left view of a tree and after showing images he asked me to write a code for it. I was not knowing the solution to that problem but I showed him my approach by seeing that image. I couldn’t reach the complete solution but he was convinced by the approach after that he told me what I was missing in the approach.
  • Then he asked me if I have any questions for him, I asked him about his experience with Accolite.
  • This round started at 10 AM and lasted 50 minutes. At 12:25 PM I got a call from HR saying I cleared the 2nd Technical round and my HR round was at 1:00 PM.

Round 5(HR Round): HR round was very short it lasted for 10 minutes.

  • The interviewer first introduced her then asked me to introduce myself.
  • Then she asked me about my family background, the difference between Hard work and Smart work, What are the difficulties I faced working in a team while doing projects.
  • After this, she discussed salary and other details.
  • In the evening we got a list of students who were selected 14 students were selected I was one of them.


  • Be confident even if you don’t know the solution don’t give up, tell them your approach.
  • I failed 4 aptitude rounds and 4 interviews before this interview and was caught in the flood situation in our area, so don’t lose hope, your day will definitely come believe in yourself.

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