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Accolite Digital Interview Experience for SDE Internship+FTE (Off Campus)

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  • Difficulty Level : Medium
  • Last Updated : 16 Feb, 2022
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Round 1 (Coding round): Graph DFS based question to find out a beautiful path in the graph where the beautiful path is a path having more number of repeated elements.

Round 2 (MCQ CS Fundamentals): 30 min MCQ round: 30 questions based on CS fundamentals.

Round 3 (Technical interview round 1): (45 Mins)

  • Projects.
  • Difference between method overloading and overriding.
  • Garbage collection in java.
  • Hashmaps.
  • How to prevent the class from being inherited.
  • Program to print kth element from the end of singly LinkedList.
  • Program to print all combinations of a given string.
  • Program to implement queue using two stacks.

Round 4 (Technical interview round 2): (1 hour)

  • Introduce.
  • Tech stack.
  • ACID properties.
  • Inner join and outer join.
  • DIfference between having and where.
  • Difference between delete and truncate.
  • Difference between .equal() and ==.
  • Write a Program to find the missing numbers in the array for 1 to n numbers.
  • Write a program to implement a stack using recursion.
  • Write a  program to Find the pair of elements in an array having sum = given target.
  • Write a program to reverse a LinkedList.
  • Write a Program to print preorder traversal of the tree.
  • HTML video and audio tags.
  • Ways of using CSS.

Round 5 (HR round): (30 min)

  • About previous rounds.
  • Introduce.
  • Projects and problems faced.
  • How you utilized covid lockdown?.
  • Have an offer in hand?
  • I negotiated here as I was having a better offer in hand, He denied it and told me that he will back if anything was possible. I received mail that negotiation is not possible and I self rejected the offer.
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