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Accolite Digital Interview Experience for Internship + FTE | Off-Campus

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  • Last Updated : 06 Sep, 2021
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I am sharing my Accolite Digital Interview Experience with you. I will share the interview process and how I prepared for the interview.

Interview Process: In total there were three rounds.

Round 1: MCQ based round

  • This round is MCQ based round (held on the Edu thrill platform).
  • Candidates have to score more than 60% in this round.  Topics included in this round: DSA, Computer Networks, DBMS, Computer Organization, and Architecture.
  • I clear this round with 65% and I received the mail after three days that I clear the round and the coding round will be held next week.

Round 2: Coding Round.

  • They gave me one coding question to solve in 45 minutes. The question was based on Dynamic Programming and Graphs and of medium level.
  • After 4 days, I received the mail that I cleared this round and they will contact me further for the technical round.

Round 3: Technical Interview 1

  • In this round, they start with a basic question like, About yourself, and then start asking a question about OOPS.
  • Secondly, he starts asking about DBMS and SQL. So be clear with your DBMS and SQL. The question will be about joins, normalization, and index.
  • After doing all the above he starts me asking coding questions. He asks me 3 coding questions, questions are from GeeksForGeeks and I was able to solve them.
  • They mainly focus on arrays, trees, and linked lists.

Let me tell you one thing the interview was very polite and he will make you very comfortable.

Round 4: Technical Interview 2.

  • In this round, he starts me asking about my projects and what are technologies use. Later he asked about how is it use full and scope of improvement of my project.
  • Then he switches to technical questions. He asked me about CN, DBMS, OOPS and I was able to answer all the questions.
  • Lastly, he gives me one coding question. It was based on merge sort. I got stuck on some test cases. Later he tells me to explain my algorithm and I explain it to him.

Finally, I received mail after a week that I was selected for the HR round.

Round 5: HR Round.

Questions asked were:

  • Introduce yourself?
  • Tell about your strengths and weakness?
  • What all activities are you involved in during the lockdown period?
  • Lastly, he explained to me about the working culture of Accolite and then we discuss salary.

Verdict: Selected

Some Helpful Tips:

  • Keep working on your DSA.
  • Have a clear understanding of DBMS and CN.
  • Have some hands-on on SQL queries
  •  Don’t get demotivated !! if you are not able to answer or solved questions because sometimes they check how you behave under pressure.
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