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Accolite Digital AHC 13 Interview Experience | Off-Campus 2022

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Round 1(Assessment Round): It was an Assessment Round that was conducted on the Eduthrill platform of Accolite.  We need to solve a minimum of 20 assessments where each assessment contains 5 to 6 questions.

  • We have to score more than 60% score to be shortlisted for the second round. 
  • Questions are related to Data Structures and Algorithms, Operating systems, Object-Oriented Programming, Database Management systems, Networking, Quantitative Aptitude, and Reasoning.  
  • Most of them are previous GATE questions. 

Round 2(Coding Round):

  • It was a coding round that was conducted on the Codelyzer platform of Accolite.
  • It consisted of 1 coding question that had to solve in 1 hour.

Round 3(Technical Interview 1 – Time: 1:10 hrs): The Interviewer Introduced himself and told me to introduce myself. He directly Jumped to Coding section

I  explained all the approaches and was able to code the optimized approaches.

After the Coding part, 

  • He asked questions on Javascript and you need to explain the concepts in-depth. The Questions are related to how functions work in Javascript and how they are different from the arrow functions and you need to predict the output of a few Snippets of Javascript functions.
  • In the end, he asked me whether I have any questions for him. I asked him about the work culture in Accolite and What roles are offered by Accolite to freshers.

Round 4(Technical Interview 2 – Time: 1 hr): It was another technical round. The interviewer asked me to introduce myself.

  • He directly Jumped to Coding section: Bottom View of the Binary tree
  • He then asked me to tell about the  OOPS Concept in Java and to code the Static and Runtime Polymorphism in Java.
  • He asked me to write SQL Query to find the third highest salary from the Employees table.
  • He asked me to write the same query in MongoDB.

Round 5(HR Round – Time: 15 to 20 min): Tell me something about yourself.

  • Explain the projects which you mention in your resume?
  • What are the problems you solved through your projects?
  • What are the challenges you faced while creating these projects?
  • Why Accolite Digital?

After this, HR told me about the company and the CTC Structure offered.

After 3 to 5 days I got the Selection mail

Verdict: Selected

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Last Updated : 09 Nov, 2021
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