Accenture On Campus 2020 Placement Drive

The recruitment of the Accenture process started with a Pre Placement Talk. Where the HR explained the hiring process of the company. There were two roles available for the Drive, ASE(Associate Software Engineer) and FSE (Full Stack Engineer) .

Round 1: It was a Communication Assessment test. This Communication Assesment focuses on testing the communication skills of the candidate.

After registering for the Accenture Campus placement drive. I have got a link to attend the communication assessment. I gave the communication assessment from home in front of a camera. The communication assessment pattern was the same as discussed by faceprep.

Round 2: This round was on Cognitive and Technical assessment. The Online test was conducted by CoCubes. There were a total of 90 minutes to solve the test. The Online test consists of 4 sections.

  • Verbal: Paragraphs, Synonyms, Antonyms, Comprehension reading, Plural nouns, Odd one out, One-word substitution.
  • Logical Reasoning: Coding-Decoding, Statement, Cause and effect, Venn diagram-based questions, series
  • Quantitative Aptitude: Profit and Loss, Height and Distances, Work and Time, Trigonometry, Simple and Compound Interest, Percentages, Problem on ages.
  • Technical Questions: Pseudocode (mostly on recursion), Basics of MS Office, Shortcut keys.

There was no sectional time, but there was a sectional cutoff. Time management created a bit of a problem for me. As there were only 10 minutes remaining when I started attempting technical questions. Without wasting much time on solving the pseudocode firstly, I solved all the questions related to the basics of MS Office and shortcut keys. After that, I started attempting pseudocode, the pseudocode was lengthy. I am not able to solve all the pseudocode. In the last 1 min, I Fluked all the remaining technical questions. For that 1 min, I lost the hope of clearing this online exam, as I fluked more than 50% of the technical questions. Moreover, there was a sectional cut off.

After submitting the exam, my computer screen was looking different from the other student’s screen. I started wondering why my screen was looking different from other students. Then my friend sitting beside me told read whats written on the screen, that I have cleared the Online test and I have a choice to opt-in or opt-out for FSE role.

Seriously I was very much happy because the first time my Flukes came true for any online exam. After that, I made a choice to opt-in for the FSE(Full-stack engineer) role.

Round 3: Coding Assessment (Optional, Applicable only if you opt-in for FSE role).
The Coding Assessment was of 30 mins with 2 questions. There were 5 languages C, C++, .Net, Java, Python. I was good in python, so I choose to solve the coding assessment in python. Both the questions were very simple.

  • Find the nth number from series if the x is even and mth number from series, if the x is, was odd.
    Series: 1^m + x or 1^n + x
  • Given a list of the array, sort the array in descending order with the frequency of elements.
    Input : [2, 5, 6, 2, 3, 5, 5]                           
    Output : [5, 5, 5, 2, 2, 6, 3]

I solved both the questions and passed all the visible test cases.

After finishing the Coding Assessment there was a lunch break for one hour. Post lunch there was a Group Interview.

Round 4: Group Interview, in the group interview, there were 5 candidates and two Interviewers. Along with me the were 4 other candidates, from every branch ME, Civil, E&TC, IT. The Interviewer questioned each of the candidates. I was the last candidate to be questioned.

Interviewer: What is Github?
Me: Answered the same.

Interviewer: What are your favorite subjects?
Me: DBMS, Data Structure, Machine Learning.

Interviewer: What are the different types of Normalization?
Me: Normalization of Machine Learning or DBMS?

Interviewer: Normalization of DBMS.
Me: There are three main types of Normalizations. 1NF, 2NF, 3NF

Interviewer: Are you sure?
Me: Yes, sir

Interviewer: You are Wrong. you need to update your knowledge (Rudely)

I got very much nervous After hearing this.

The First Interviewer gave the opportunity to another interviewer to question me.

Interviewer: What was your project during the internship?
Me: Explained the same

Interviewer: What is your final year project and why you selected the same?
Me: Told the same

Interviewer: You may leave now.

I was the last candidate to be questioned and the first candidate to leave from the Interview. I made the assumption that I will not be selected, As I have given 1 Wrong answer, moreover the behavior of interviewers does not seem to be pleasant.

The result was declared on the next day, Surprisingly, I got selected for the role of ASE(Associate Software Engineer). I received a Letter of Intent from Accenture for ASE role. I was wondering why I did not get selected for the FSE role. The reason may be, the FSE role was evaluated at the zonal level and along with our college, there were 2 more colleges in the Drive. Accenture almost hired 80% of students who have cleared the Cognitive and Technical assessment from our college.

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